25 Jul 2024
Stockholm’s dining out hotspots: Akkurat
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Stockholm’s dining out hotspots: Akkurat

This popular Stockholm pub has been a long time favorite for beer aficiona dos who don’t mind a crowd. Akkurat offers over twenty brews on tap as well as an astonishing number of bottled varieties from every corner of the globe. This eclectic Södermalm bar is definitely something every beer lover in Stockholm should experience.


Food: Akkurat’s reputation as a beer pub sometimes overshadows the fact that they are also a great restaurant.  Open for lunch and dinner the kitchen serves Swedish inspired dishes. Although the menu may seem diminutive, especially in comparison to the beer menu, the food quality is superb.  The salad buffet is a lunch time favorite. The lunch menu changes weekly and is also posted on the website or you can request to have it emailed to you.  On the dinner side, their traditional pub hamburger with all the “trimmings” is one of the first things to catch the eye but don’t shy away from some of their unique dishes such as the breast of lamb braised in beer or the house specialty, mussels, which are easily some of the best in the area, the aroma that wafts out of the kitchen is all the persuasion you’ll need.

Drink: Where to Begin?  Akkurat has one of, if not the largest, beer selections in the area.  They carry about two hundred beers from around the world in bottles and on rotating taps, along with four cask pumps, all of which feature microbrews from Sweden, Germany, USA, Belgium and Great Britain, as well as regular local beer.  Akkurat also carries specialty beers that are served exclusively at their restaurant.  They have two menus, a day and cellar menu, and at first glance they can be quite daunting.  But if you are any kind of beer enthusiast, you will soon feel like a kid in a candy store.  Although the pub posts all new beverages and specials on a slate board, the best recommendation comes directly from the bartenders. They know their inventory like the back of their hands, so you need only describe what you are looking for by taste, look or type, and they will find it.  Aside from all the fantastic beer choices, they also carry around 400 bottles of various whiskeys. You can also book private and open whiskey tastings.

Atmosphere: There is a definite pub atmosphere inside with dim lighting and wood furnishing.  The walls are decorated with various beer paraphernalia and historical objects.  The layout of the restaurant is set up with communal tables, booths as well as an intimate dining area or you can just grab a spot at the bar.  Located in the Södermalm district, Akkurat attracts a wide variety of people ranging from your typical office workers and students to motorcycle enthusiasts and everything in between.  It can get quite crowded at the end of the week as the working day comes to an end, but usually thins out around 11pm.  Despite the fast paced environment, the bartenders remain friendly and able to recognize their regulars. There are no TV’s, so lively conversation among patrons is what usually fills the air. However, if it’s entertainment you’re looking for the Akkurat offers live music on Sundays with no cover charge!

Hornsgatan 18

118 20 Stockholm

08-644 00 15

[email protected]


By James Vogel


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