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XVI Stockholm Early Music Festival

XVI Stockholm Early Music Festival

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01/06/2017 19:30 - 06/06/2017 22:00
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XVI Stockholm Early Music Festival

“It’s NEVER too LATE for EARLY music!”
Stockholm Early Music Festival is the largest international event for historical music in the Nordic countries. The programme includes lunch, afternoon, and evening concerts, workshops for children and seminars, all taking place in the heart of Stockholm, The Old Town.

Experience the 16th edition of SEMF in a unique atmosphere with the following artists, among others:

✤ HUELGAS ENSEMBLE, one of the most celebrated ensembles, specialising in polyphonic music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.
✤ THE SWINGLE SINGERS, with their unique and rich sound world, as well as their different, innovative approach to historic and traditional repertoire.
✤ BAROKKANERNE present the audience with Pergolesi's Stabat Mater - for the first and perhaps only time time during SEMF!
✤ ENSEMBLE ORGANUM rediscover two amazing and powerful musical worlds: the church song in Rome during the 13th century together with the polyphony of the 14th century.
✤ CAPPELLA ARTEMISIA performs an exclusive concert with music written by female composers only, from the early music epochs.
✤ ALE MÖLLER & LENA WILLEMARK are closing SEMF 2017 by connecting modern listeners with medieval folk ballad tradition.

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