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Vernissage: HUB. The Art to Participate visits the SKF / Konstnärshuset

Vernissage: HUB. The Art to Participate visits the SKF / Konstnärshuset

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20/07/2017 17:00 - 20:00
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SKF and Konstnärshuset are proud to welcome the project The Art to Participate during the summer:
The exhibition HUB will be shown in the Stora and Lilla Galleriet from July 20 until August 20.

Opening: Thursday July 20 at 5 pm until 8 pm

The exhibition presents works by 46 artists, illustrators and photographers:

Antra Agrena (Isletree art), Ana Maria Almada De Alvarez, Carl-Johan Blomquist, Ana Bondžić, Adrianna Borucka, Ramy Chmmo, Loes Degener (meaning.coffee), Simon Donini, Philipp Gallon, Tian Gan, Christina Hallin, Iryna Hauska, Reza Hazare, Cecilia Hedlund, Helena Hildur W, Angelica Hogarth, Alex Howes, Michal Hudak, Frida Johansson, Yacop Jokhadar, Per José Karlén, Sumiko Kiyohara, Fia Kvissberg, Raul Leon Alvarez, Anneli Lindberg, Cecilia Lindborg, Emma Löfström, Douwe Mulder (meaning.coffee), Natalia Murobha, Shahrzad Nikzad, Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa, Truls Nord, Cecilia Nordstrand, Mika Ohmori, Aurora Persson, Lamie Saif, Sam Schonzeit, Serinyà, Anna Shamzini Dorodjinskaya, Lena Svedjeholm, Nasrin Taghizadeh, Martin Thelander, Elisabeth Ubbe, Emma Virke, Thomas Wahlström, Christopher Williams, Zaria Zardasht

From SKF/Konstnärshuset: Celia Prado
From The Art to Participate: Ola Öhlin

The Art to Participate: Image and design is a project initiated in the municipality of Stockholm, with the aim to facilitate for foreign-born artists (both newly arrived and those who have been in Sweden for a longer period of time) to become a part of the Swedish art scene.

READ MORE http://konstnarshuset.org/portfolio-items/hub-english/

For further questions or thoughts concerning the project, please contact:
Ola Öhlin, project leader: The Art to Participate: [email protected] +46 73 642 78 59
Antony Merjan, project coordinator: The Art to Participate: antony.mejan@stadsteatern.stockholm.se +46 70 099 16 19
For questions concerning the exhibition HUB at SKF/Konstnärshuset, please contact:
Anna Stina Rehnström: [email protected]