20 Apr 2024
Trentemøller @ Fållan

Trentemøller @ Fållan

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27/03/2022 18:00 - 22:00
Address: Fållan 10, 121 62 Johanneshov, Sweden

More than 15 years that have passed since the groundbreaking debut "The Last Resort". Now the Danish composer, musician and producer is up to date again. AtHis sixth album "Memoria" is due to be released soon. Then he and his live band come to Stockholm for a gig at Fållan.

"Memoria" is a strong contrast to the 2019 atmospheric exploration on the album "Obverse". This time he has created an album that almost requires to be performed live by a band in front of an energetic audience. And that is exactly what we can expect.

Prior to the 2022 Memoria Tour, Trentemøller has worked with the legendary lighting designer Leroy Bennett (Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Lady Gaga and more). In the band we find, among others, the Icelandic solo artist Disa, whose fragile voice fits Trentemøller's haunted singing loops perfectly. In addition, Silas Tinglef (2nd Blood) and Brian Batz and Jacob Haubjerg from Sleep Party People also appear on stage together with Trentemøller.