5 Jun 2023
This is Christmas

This is Christmas

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17/12/2017 19:30 - 21:30
Address: Hovet, Johanneshov, Sweden

Hillsong Church Sweden's annual Christmas show at Hovet is now bigger and more spekular than ever! It offers amazing performances, music, live orchestra, dance, drama and acting. This year, Carola and Samuel Ljungblahd will join the celebration as well. This is Christmas is much more than a scenshow. At the center is the message of Christmas, a message of hope and peace that includes all people, and we want to be labeled even outside the walls of Hovet.

Hillsong Church Stockholm collaborates with a number of organizations that do a great job of helping people with needs in Stockholm. Read more about this under the "Packa bus" at thisischristmas.nu.