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The underwear party

The underwear party

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02/08/2018 21:00 - 03/08/2018 03:00
Debaser Strand
Address: Debaser Hornstulls Strand, Hornstulls strand, Stockholm, Sweden

It’s the 10 year anniversary of the legendary Underwear Party during EuroPride 2018! Since 2008, this has been the first party of its kind and has attracted visitors from all over Europe. The Underwear Party has become the year's most talked about, loved and awaited happening where people of all sexualities, gender identities, body types and ages dance in their underwear.

The Underwear Party’s organizer Petter Wallenberg says:

"Everyone who comes to The Underwear Party for the first time say they certainly won’t dare to take off something, then it takes two minutes until they throw off their clothes and go nuts. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what type of body you have. There is a joy here that you will not find anywhere else. No clothes = no attitude. Peace and love. It is important in these times. Now we’re once again cavemen dancing half-naked in the cave! "

The Underwear Party takes place on Thursday August 2nd during EuroPride at Debaser Strand with two dance floors and a late license until 3 AM.

Petter Wallenberg (House of Wallenberg)
Per QX (London)
Lucky Slut Bonita (Mums Mums)
Anton Palm