13 Jun 2024
The Radio Dept. @ Kägelbanan

The Radio Dept. @ Kägelbanan

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17/02/2018 19:00 - 23:59
Address: Kägelbanan, Mosebacke Torg, Stockholm, Sweden

17 Feb - Kägelbanan
Support: Kim Ki O
Of all bands that emerged flirting with shoegaze and dreamy pop in the 21st century, the Radio Dept. has been the most interesting. Since its inception, the band, now a duo, has created a shave and shoegaze influenced pop - always with finesse, and always on its own premises. Last fall after a period of silence, The Radio Dept. released the album "Running Out of Love" - a slight but still well-meaning depiction of our contemporary. The Radio Dept. is a modern institution, and among the finest this country has to offer in the pop-up. Now we can proudly announce that the band will make three Sweden performances - January 27th in Malmö, February 16th in Gothenburg and February 17th in Stockholm.