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The Hives at Grönan Live!

The Hives at Grönan Live!

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08/09/2017 20:00 - 22:00
Gröna Lund
Address: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

The guys from Fagersta, considered to be one of the world's best live bands, have taken the world by storm with songs like "Hate To Say I Told You So" and "Walk Idiot Walk".
The Hives was founded in Fagersta in 1993 and has by its attitude and music conquered the rock world. They have performed in the biggest American TV shows, won Grammis, P3 Gold, the Government Music Export Award and have been linked to both The Rolling Stones and AC / DC. This fall, the band's singer Pelle Almqvist helped to beat collection records, as one of the year's program leader for Music Assistance.
They have not played at Grönan since 2014, but on September 8th at. At 20.00 one of the world's best rock bands, The Hives, will be on the big stage for the fifth time!

Tickets online are only sold via Gröna Lund. In Stockholm, you can buy the Green Card at Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven. You can not buy a ticket for a specific concert without buying an entrance to the park, or the Green Card giving free entrance throughout the season. Please note that pre-purchased tickets do not provide a guaranteed location so we recommend that you arrive at the park in good time.