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TEDxStockholm: Wonderland

TEDxStockholm: Wonderland

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24/11/2018 14:00 - 20:00
Address: Nils Ericsons Plan 4, 111 64 Stockholm, Sweden

TEDxStockholm invites you to Wonderland!

Travel to Wonderland - A place of limitless possibilities. Awaken your imagination, question your beliefs and step out of the norm.

The journey begins November 24th at Radisson Blu Waterfront. Experience the magic of TEDx Talks LIVE and the chance to share innovative ideas for the first time. The team at TEDxStockholm are preparing an immersive experience to lead you to Wonderland with talks to push your imagination. The day will be filled with entertainment, catering and mingling with other creative, TED fans as well.

Get your tickets now, the Early Bird tickets were gone before we knew it!

The journey starts here!

What is Wonderland?
Wonderland is all about limitless possibilities. Wonderland is a place where assumptions are challenged and imagination is ignited. Everyone attending will discover their own wonderland and be able to relive the experience for the rest of their lives.
Wonderland is this year’s theme. TEDx Themes are purposefully broad, abstract and open to interpretation. For example, last year’s theme, Lighthouse, was about finding your way in the world, and how we all shine brighter together.

What can I expect?
More than a handful of inspiring speakers will share their ideas in live and recorded TED Talks – all mixed with live entertainment, snacks, drinks and plenty of chance to mingle with other Stockholm creatives.

Can I know the topic of the Talks beforehand?
No, that’s half the fun. An element of a TEDxStockholm event, is the element of surprise. Our Speakers Team have combed through countless applications and selected a wide variety of topics and speakers coming from all walks of life. Their aim to always provide a wide-range of topics to open your horizons and stimulate your brain.

Ok, can I at least know the speakers beforehand?
Not for the time being. They will start revealing some of the names of the speakers closer to the date. However, it important to remember that TED talks are not so much about the messenger as it is about the message itself. Sometimes the most amazing insights come from the most unexpected places.

Good things to know:
+ Regular ticket price: 500 SEK.
+ The Talks will be in English
+ There will be coffee, snacks and food at the event.