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Tasting: Champagne for curious

Tasting: Champagne for curious

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19/05/2018 15:30 - 17:00
Address: Djurgårdsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden


Even though she worked as a waitress and headmaster in restaurants in New York, Eva Karlsson never gets tired of questions about champagne. Not even stupid questions. Some can have interesting answers (49 million bubbles!). So why is champagne white if the grapes are blue? Why do people think champagne tastes better the more expensive it is? And is it any better the more expensive it is? How is it that American rappers only drink Cristal champagne? Why does champagne only grow in the Champagne district? Speaking of the latter question: You will be served genuine champagne. No sparkling wine here. Should it be high class for it to be high grade. Over the years, she has been tired of the excessive focus on the expensive brands. There is actually really nice authentic champagne that does not turn off the entire party budget.

Eva Karlsson is educated psychodramatic and mental coach. During university studies in France and as a waiter and headmaster in inner restaurants in New York, she acquired unique winning skills. As she now gets an outlet for in her tests at the Spritmuseum. She can be said to have an unpretentious attitude to wine.

Ticket also grants you access to museum exhibitions. Do not miss the museum's champagne exhibition. The tasting takes about 90 minutes.

The museum's critically acclaimed restaurant offers an extra dish when ordering an entire dinner menu. Limited number of seats. Please provide the tasting's booking number in the comment field in connection with the table booking. For more information about the restaurant: www.spritmuseum.se/restaurantangen/

The bar serves simpler dishes before and after the test.