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Tabletop Game Expo

Tabletop Game Expo

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11/05/2019 10:00 - 12/05/2019 17:00
Address: Ankdammsgatan 46, 171 67 Solna, Sweden

--A flea market (Spelloppis) inspired by previous, but made bigger and better!
--A trade show, with producers and stores showing you the newest and best games in market!
--A gaming area, with tables and tabletop games galore!


Flea market (Spellopis): you can buy and sell second-hand games. Most sold games have been in great shape. So you recycle, while spreading the joy of gaming.


Trade Show
Game producers and stores will demonstrate and sell the latest, greatest tabletop games on market.


Gaming area,
in the gaming area, their crew will:
--Help group visitors, so that you can find people to play with.
--Staff a game library and help groups find good, suitable games – depending on visitors’ interests and experiences.
--Coach visitors – to get them going
--Facilitate tournaments, meet-ups, and miniature painting, among other activities


In addition, there will be a stage for lectures, panels, and discussions.

The stage program is booked, check it out at:


Interested in participating in Spelloppis? Creators Alley? Or in the fair? Write to [email protected]