22 Jun 2024
Slayer @ Hovet

Slayer @ Hovet

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Iconic band Slayer says goodbye after nearly 40 years as thrash metal giants. For the last tour of the band they will take a stop in Sweden and play at Hovet in Stockholm on December 5th. With them as special guests, they have no less than Lamb of Good, Anthrax and Obituary!

They are the creators of one of the most brutal and aggressive music ever created. Slayer is one of four bands that has defined a whole genre - and has become a benchmark for how to make metal. After almost 37 years, the band has released 12 studio albums and won a lot of prizes (including two Grammy Awards). The records have sold gold several times and the band has even got its own show at the rich Smithsonian Institute.
It's a band that has been on the front of hundreds of metal and rock magazines and toured the world over thousands of dedicated fans. There is also a band that has been in deep sorrow, with the guitarist and co-founder Jeff Hanneman's tragic death in 2013.

Now the story of Slayer is over. And for their final goodbye they bring Lamb of Good, Anthrax and Obituary.