18 May 2024
Santa Lucia concert at Storkyrkan (Stockholm’s Cathedral)

Santa Lucia concert at Storkyrkan (Stockholm’s Cathedral)

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10/12/2016 13:00 - 13/12/2016 21:00
Storkyrkan, Trångsund, Stockholm, Sweden
Address: Storkyrkan, Trångsund, Stockholm, Sweden

Experience Lucia celebration in Storkykan (Stockholm’s Cathedral) or St. Jacob's Church. Since many years these churches'  children and youth choirs, have been welcoming guests who like to celebrate the Christmas and Lucia traditions.

Before and in between Lucia concerts in Storkyrkan - Stockholm Cathedral there will be mulled wine with Swedish gingerbread cookies for sale in the yard. The revenue is going to Storkyrkoskolan - The Cathedral School. Please note - only at the Cathedral and not during the Children´s Lucia.

Look at the website for schedules as there are many concerts to attend between the 10/12 and the 13/12