23 May 2024
Popsicle @ Fåfängan

Popsicle @ Fåfängan

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13/08/2019 17:00 - 23:00
Address: Klockstapelsbacken 3, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden

Fåfängan is Stockholm's new summer scene!

Few Swedish bands have been so distinctive to their contemporary as Popsicle. A band that have paved the way for the Swedish indie scene with their debut album Lacquer, which also later collected a grammis for the band in the category of Rock of the Year.

Last fall, Popsicles influential debut album Lacquer was released for the first time on vinyl, the first edition of 500 copies sold out in one day.

But now, quite unexpectedly, but perhaps also quite right, 25 years after the debut, the success trail continues with some well-chosen club dates and on August 13 they come to Fåfängan's unique scene for a classic outdoor play in summer Sweden!


Tuesday, August 13
Enter: 17:00
Concert from: 19.30
Pre-sale: SEK 495
Tickets in the door: 550 SEK

NOTE! Only standing