21 Apr 2024
Parklek (Park play)

Parklek (Park play)

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23/07/2017 14:00 - 24/07/2017 02:00
Storstugan Hellasgården
Address: Storstugan Hellasgården, Ältavägen, Nacka, Sweden

'A park play is a skilled staffed playground, often in a park. If a park play becomes unmanned, it is still called a park play. '

A farm will turn into a playland for grown-ups for a day.
The miniature golf becomes a dance court, a glow at the waterfront serves floating tones and the the 'Storstugan' cools your throats.
12 hours of music from two directions serves a swadiches of glaring sweet sounds from cosmos outskirts until after midnight.