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O/Modernt festival

O/Modernt festival

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14/06/2019 19:00 - 19/06/2019 22:00
Ulriksdals Slott
Address: Ulriksdals slott, Slottsallén, 170 79 Solna, Sweden
Reflections of the musical past in the present explored through the O/MODƏRNT Festival at Ulriksdal Slott Confidencen.
For centuries the past has been the source of inspiration for artists, not least those dedicated to the craft of musical composition.
O/MODƏRNT (meaning 'Un/Modern' in Swedish) celebrates this “looking back” to the past by exploring the relationships between the work of old composers and the artistic and intellectual creations of modern culture, be it in music, art, dance, theatre, film, poetry, literature, academia and so forth.
In June 2019 Festival O/Modernt explores and ‘misreads’ the rich, diverse and complex reception of Beethoven’s ever-looming musical and ideological presence. MIS/READING BEETHOVEN breaks down generic barriers in order to re-engage with Beethoven’s extraordinary legacy, celebrating the work of his forebears and inheritors, and taking some exhilarating steps into the unknown.