24 Jul 2024
Nobelberget’s Christmas market

Nobelberget’s Christmas market

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08/12/2017 16:00 - 23:59
Address: Sickla industriväg 6, 131 54 Nacka, Sweden

Once upon a time, long ago, when Nobelberg's Market was still in its infancy, people were crowded in the streets of the city and panicked patches at the last moment. And there was no time for beer until the bearded man sat there and looked saturated. But do not fear this year, the solution is found on the Nobelberg Christmas Market!
They have expanded the number of exhibitors and maximize bargain chances with both private individuals and established stores. Expect happy moods, food trucks, beer and music from the 80's good old days.

Do you want to be part of the market? Contact them at [email protected]!