22 May 2024
Neneh Cherry @ Debaser

Neneh Cherry @ Debaser

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06/03/2019 18:30 - 23:59
Debaser Strand
Address: Debaser Hornstulls Strand, Hornstulls strand, Stockholm, Sweden

Buffalo Stance exploded like a long-awaited bomb when released in 1988. It was eclectic, feminist, rocky and raw. And Neneh Cherry was the perfect star with her crossed arms and her extraterrestrial coolness. But despite the fact that the debut album Raw Like Sushi has topped lists all over the world, Cherry's subsequent career did not follow the typical template for a successful artist. Instead, through the decades, she has exhibited a rare musical integrity and consistently treating her music as art rather than a commodity. Perhaps it's no wonder that she grew up with Don Cherry's free jazz legend and spent the first half of the 80's in different postpunk constellations in London.


In 1996, came the record Woman, with the finely-blended 7 Seconds together with Yousso N'Dour among others. Then Neneh Cherry was singing with Cher, and Chrissie Hynde, guest starring with Gorillaz, Kleerup and Teddybears. In 2012 she also released The Cherry Thing, along with the experimental jazz band The Thing and 2014, it was finally time for the first 18-year solo album: Blank Project. Along with producing Four Tet and Jazzelectronica duo Rocket Numbernine, she had delivered yet another uncompromising work that cemented Neneh Cherry roll as a styling icon. The collaboration with Four Tets Kieran Hebdan and Rocketnumbernine gave her more flavor and Neneh Cherry chose the same constellation in the creation of her new amazing record Broken Politics (2018). The British minimalist is recognized, but when the breakpoints between the personal and the political are to be explored, the appropriation is more thoughtful and cautious.