22 Jun 2024
National day at Skansen

National day at Skansen

June 6 Sweden's Swedish national day celebration
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06/06/2017 10:00 - 21:00
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Celebrate Sweden's national day with a flagship workshop, facial painting, folk dance, python and other activities for children. The day ends with a festive concert at Sollidenscenen.

The tradition of celebrating a National Day in Sweden was born at Skansen. Artur Hazelius, the founder of Skansen, wanted to establish an annual day that would be a patriotic focus for the nation and he chose the sixth of June. This was the day on which, in 1523, Gustav Vasa had been proclaimed king and it was also the day on which the current constitution had been agreed in 1809. Sweden's National Day has been celebrated at Skansen every year since 1893. For many years the celebration was known as National Flag Day but the day has now been marked by a public holiday. This will be celebrated in traditional fashion: members of the royal family join a procession to Skansen where there are speeches, flag ceremony, singing, brass bands, folk music, etc., broadcast live by Swedish Television. The programme on Solliden stage is broadcasted live in the Swedish public service channel SVT.