19 Jun 2024
Miriam Bryant @ Annexet

Miriam Bryant @ Annexet

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Last spring, the first part of the album "Mi Amor" was released and in conjunction with the album's second and final part being released this year, Miriam Bryant embarks on a long tour across the country. The tour will be the most comprehensive so far in her career.

Everyone knows that she has the voice, the star status and the charisma at this point. In the album "Mi Amor", Miriam Bryant shows new sides of herself and her artistry. The album is recorded completely analogously to live instruments and for the first time Miriam sings newly written own material in Swedish; songs written together with Jocke Berg, Veronica Maggio, Adam Olenius and Maja Francis to name just a few. The release includes acclaimed singles such as "Down / Up", "You With You" and "Blåmerkkshaart (Mi Amor)" - all of which have been widely streamed and played on the radio. Aftonbladet handed out four plus and did it with words like:

“An important and poignant self-portrait in a time when our lives must always seem perfect. Bryant is not afraid of being broken. She always sings with a sense of spontaneity, like taking the words straight from the notes in the phone or diary. "