18 Jul 2024
Mew @ Filadefiakyrkan

Mew @ Filadefiakyrkan

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12/10/2017 18:30 - 23:00
Address: Rörstrandsgatan 5, 113 40 Stockholm, Sweden

Bright, beautiful, magnificent, consistent and ever-exploring - 20 years after the debut album "A Triumph for Man", the Danish indie-rock favorites Mew are back with the new "Visuals" album. The seven albums that Mew has released since the debut, with it, they have become something of a phenomenon. Their often dreamy creations have taken into account both the heart and the consciousness of fans around the world. The fans are used to waiting, when Mew's well-developed albums have often taken a long time to create. But this time they returned with the new "Visuals" record just two years after the celebrated full hit "+ -".

One of Mew's distinguishing features is their adorable live productions. "Visuals" were produced during a reverse process - first the visual effects of the upcoming concerts were created, and the songs were then written. The result was as magnificent and beautiful as their previous platinum-selling and album-listing highlights like "Frengers" and "No More Stories Are Told Today, I'm Sorry They Washed Away // No More Stories, The World Is Gray, I'm Tired, Let's Wash Away ".