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Marina Abramović performance: The Cleaner

Marina Abramović performance: The Cleaner

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27/02/2017 14:00 - 05/03/2017 22:00
Eric Ericsonhallen, Kyrkslingan, Stockholm, Sweden
Address: Eric Ericsonhallen, Kyrkslingan, Stockholm, Sweden

You are invited to take part in a completely new, week-long public participatory experience by Marina Abramović, choirs, singers and performers at the Eric Ericson Hall. You will be asked to leave all of your belongings including phones, watches, cameras, coats and bags at the door. Together, we will create a shared experience.

Every day at 14-22 between 27 Feb and 5 Mar.
Free admission. No tickets needed. No pre-booking.
From 12 years and up.
More info about the performance here: http://bit.ly/2kWPiMI

Make sure to visit the exhibition 'Marina Abramović – The Cleaner' at Moderna Museet. A retrospective that presents films, installations and photographs from the 1970s to today. Works by Abramović will be reperformed daily by performance artists who have been specially-trained.

Moderna Museet and the exhibition is open18 Feb–21 May. Tuesday 10.00–20.00, Wednesday–Thursday 10.00–18.00, Friday 10.00–20.00 and Saturday–Sunday, 11.00–18.00.
Admission: 150/120 SEK.
More about the exhibition here: http://bit.ly/2gIv2cH