15 Apr 2024
Louise Palmstierna Quintet (Valentine’s Day Special)

Louise Palmstierna Quintet (Valentine’s Day Special)

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14/02/2020 19:00 - 22:00
Hotel Kung Carl - Innergården Jazzklubb
Phone:08-463 50 00
Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 21, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden

Celebrate love in all its shapes & forms.
The mutual love with all its ease and romance.
The tough, volatile and lost love.
The old and the new, the friendly, the work-related and maybe even the sometimes most complex one, the love for family.

This evening the finest jazz standards will share stage with some of the most shiny jewels and pearls from the world of soul & blues.

Louise Palmstierna is back at Innergården Jazzklubb with the best of instrumentalists and if lucky, a worthy guest or two.

Louise Palmstierna – vocals
Jonas André – piano
Felipe Robles – guitar
Niklas Wennström – double bass
Jonas Waldefeldt – drums

Everybody are welcome to swing by and hangout in the cocktailbar to listen to the evenings performance.

General fee 50 SEK (pay in the bar)

For an absolute experience booking a table to either drink or eat is recommended. The venue includes an à la carte & cocktail bar.

Table fee's 75-100 SEK (depends on which sitting you choose)

Book your table via www.bokajazz.se