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KvadrArt – The Largest Street Art Exhibition in Scandinavia

KvadrArt – The Largest Street Art Exhibition in Scandinavia

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17/03/2017 17:00 - 26/03/2017 17:00

After last year's successful exhibition UMAMI - 5th Taste of Art, we now proudly present KVADRART - Scandinavia's Largest Street Art Exhibition.

During the period March 17 - 26th, you will be able to experience artworks from some of Sweden's foremost, international graffiti and street artists in Stockholm City, Regeringsgatan 42. Just at the entrance to NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) on the same street.

About 100 artists from Sweden, Italy, France, Russia and the Netherlands will contribute with paintings in the format 110x110 cm which are all for sale. And during the exhibition there will also be some wild sculptures presented.

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When: Opening on 17 March at 17:00 (invitation required)
The exhibition is on: March 17 to 26 (18 to 26 March, no invitation required)
Where: Regeringsgatan 42, Stockholm (Old Cervera)