29 May 2024
Kungsholmstorg’s Day 2017

Kungsholmstorg’s Day 2017

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15/09/2017 11:00 - 22:00
Address: Kungsholmstorg, Stockholm, Sweden

Last year it became a success with 82 activities in one day!

Singing, flea market, job recruitment, conference therapy, popcorn, weight training, soap bubbles, tips, concerts, pokémon tournaments, free coffee, beautiful roses and lunch in the square were just some of the activities organized last year by clubs, companies, sports clubs and accommodation.

Book the date in the calendar and then think about how you want to contribute to the day. Anyone who wishes so can arrange an activity as long as it's generous, spreading joy and creating new meetings.


Those who are the first to registr an activity for the day get increased exposure and also choose where the square the activity is to take place. That's the first to quarter!

Register easily at www.kungsholmstorgsdag.se