18 Jul 2024
Kaknästornet (Kaknäs tower) turns 50 år

Kaknästornet (Kaknäs tower) turns 50 år

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13/05/2017 10:22 - 16:00
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This year, the Kaknestornet turns 50. The tower, opened by Olof Palme in 1967, has since been one of Stockholm's most famous landmarks, and at the same time formed a cornerstone in Swedish broadcasting.

Saturday May 13th, Teracom AB will pay tribute to the Kaknästornet with a day of celebration for the whole family. Coffee will be offered and there will also be an opportunity to test Virtual reality technology while learning more about the history, present and future of the Kaknäs tower. And of course, how is radio and television broadcast across Sweden.

"The Kaknästornet has been a central part of Stockholm's skyline for 50 years, while playing an important role in the distribution of radio and television throughout Sweden. Now it's time to celebrate it properly, partly with an event at the tower and partly with activities on the internet, where everyone can participate with their own pictures and memories, says Marcus Hartmann, Communications and Marketing Manager at Teracom AB.