28 May 2024
Jim Dine: Opening Reception

Jim Dine: Opening Reception

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25/01/2018 18:35 - 20:00
Address: Kungsträdgården 3, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden

Wetterling Gallery is welcoming Jim Dine to Stockholm!
With a career dating back to the 50s Jim Dines imagery is well known. The Heart, Pinocchio and Venus from Milo has followed him through the years and is for him a source of constant inspiration. He returns to these iconic images over and over again and find new ways and meanings. Dine uses the heart as a frame to explore the relation between texture, color and composition. Pinnocchio as a metaphor for art: how you can to create something living from a piece of wood or a flat empty canvas. And finally Venus, who let him reinvent an archetypic symbol. The exhibition presents both paintings and sculptures from the three themes.
Jim Dine lives and works in Paris, France and Walla Wall, USA. He has had around 300 solo exhibitions around the world an is represented in more than 80 museum collections.