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Inauguration of Urban Escape

Inauguration of Urban Escape

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23/03/2017 12:00 - 23:00
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Stockholm's new city block - Urban Escape. The opening ceremony starts at 12 in the middle of Gallerian mall at the new entrance that takes you into the Brunkebergstorg. it will be an opening ceremony full of contrasts. To the sounds of music, where a DJ with classic Symphony, will be bidding on the soundtrack for the opening of Urban Escape.

After the speeches and ceremony, you are welcome to independently explore the city's new downtown core. Bars, hotels, restaurants, and a breathtaking view over Stockholm's rooftops will also be waiting. There will also be guides ready to show show you the neighbourhood's treasures. Everything from the bar at Hobo, to the art of At Six, the new eateries in the mall and on to Frida Ronges spectacular roof.