15 Jul 2024
Ginko’s Christmas and Flea Market

Ginko’s Christmas and Flea Market

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01/12/2018 12:00 - 02/12/2018 01:00
Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray
Address: Swedenborgsgatan 13, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden

A chance to buy presents and a bite from the brunch the kitchen will serve between 12: 00-16: 00.

The tables are free for those who are interested in exhibiting. Send a PM on their FB page with what you want to sell, limited number of places.


Later in the evening:

- Upstairs: Olle Odjur + Leo Forssell
- Downstairs: Emilia Kemze + Amanda Gårdlund

Pop up at the bar Staropramen Unfiltred!

The barber shop is open and Ryssnisse is in place for those who want to get a nice tattoo for Christmas.