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French Filmfestival

French Filmfestival

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14/02/2017 - 19/02/2017 All day
Address: Stockholm, Sweden

French Film Festival turns 18! It will be a fun weekend with the Stockholm and Sweden premieres, previews, documentaries, film icons and new talent, conversation with film critic, director visits, a free viewing, even a special Valentines Day display ... And much more!

This year's theme is RENCONTRES (meeting / reunion), the film world is a place for meetings. Not least on the big screen: Here we see the future of lovers who meet in the middle of the jungle (La Loi De La Jungle), two French children who meet their father in a Swedish forest (Dans La Forêt), a man meets poetry (Poésie Sans fine), a woman who meets herself (Louise a Hiver) and dancers and musicians from all over the world who come together and unite around a legendary piece of music (Beethoven Dancing).


Tuesday, February 14

kl17.30 - Bio Rio: La Belle Et La Bete (Beauty And The Beast) by Christophe Gans

Friday, February 17

kl17.30 - Bio Rio: Victoria (In Bed With Victoria) by Justine Triet

Saturday, February 18

10.30 am - Bio Rio: La Loi De La Jungle (Struggle for Life) by Antonin Peretjatko

12.45 - Bio Rio: A Hiver Louise (Louise By The Shore) by Jean-François Laguionie Free preview

14.30 - Bio Rio: Poesia Sin Fin (Poésie sans fin - Endless Poetry) by Alejandro Jodorowsky

18.00 - Cinematheque: La Mort de Louis XIV (The Death of Louis XIV) by Albert Serra Conversation with film critic Alice Leroy

20:00 - Bio Rio: Dans La Forêt by Gilles Marchand Director Visits

Sunday, February 19

10.00: Dancing Beethoven by Arantxa Aguirre Director Visits

Movie Breakfast: Breakfast: 10.00 am - 10.30 am The film begins - Bio Rio

13.00 - Bio Rio: Goodluck Algeria by Farid Bentoumi

15.00 - Bio Rio: L'Odyssée (Jacques - Sea Explorers) by Jérôme Salle