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Flashmob at Centralen

Flashmob at Centralen

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08/03/2017 17:00 - 17:10
Centralplan 1, Stockholm, Sweden
Address: Centralplan 1, Stockholm, Sweden

Flashmob at the central station in Stockholm 8th March at 17:00!


It began January 21 this year during the International Women's March. The American artist MILCK put together a choir who performed her song "Quiet" on the streets of Washington. Since then flashmobs appeared in cities around the world and sung out his response to those who want to be intimidated into silence. In this strange time of the dismantling of the open society and the closed borders between countries and people, are women and LGBTQ people's life, rights and freedom under threat of being turned back. So if there is any time that it is important to take tons - it is now! Then it is not only our democratic right to protest. It is our democratic responsibility. What started as MILCKs own "one-woman riot" is two months later, thousands of people rebelling against silence.

The 8th March International Women's Day is our turn!
At 17 o'clock we gather to flashmob at central station in Stockholm and singing "Quiet".