21 May 2024
Finissage concert: Jireel, Sammy & Johnny Bennett, Jelly

Finissage concert: Jireel, Sammy & Johnny Bennett, Jelly

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Three of the most interesting hip hop artists of the Swedish scene will perform with separate concerts at Studion. Celebrating the show Folkmusik 2.0 - Swedish hiphop remixed with thunder and broke!

The young rapper from Rågsved south of Stockholm has soon exploded as one of the country's most noticed hip hop promises. Jireel debuted in November 2015 with the song "Here & Now" and has since continued with his crisp, modern style. Songs like "Like Me", "Long Guy" and Superheater "Cataleya" made 2016 to his perhaps strongest year to date. "Snap" from recently released EP 'Jettad' is already mentioned as a milestone in Swedish hiphop - and when Jireel received the great honor to finish the entire Grammis Gala 2017, we could see a taste of a brilliant live artist. Now he is on a great tour of the country! Jireel has just begun.

Sammy & Johnny Bennett
The video and song 5DF with Sammy & Johnny Bennett struck down as a bomb on the Swedish rap scene in spring 2016. The word about the pair of parents and the TU5EN collective from Gothenburg spread like a runaway. More and more have stood in the tribute choir for their amazing flow, rhythm and attitude since the brothers' debut EP: Hundreds80 released last year.
At the Grammis Gala in 2017, Sammy & Johnny Bennett was well deserved in the category Newcomer of the Year. They are also nominated in the category "Hip Hop of the Year / RnB" on the P3 Gold Galaxy 2018 for their second EP ST.RECK released this year. Duon has this year Toured in Scandinavia with Lorentz and is currently working on his debut album. In anticipation of more details about the release of this, the audience can start by listening to the brothers' latest single Proof.

On the 8th Sept, JËLLY released his debut Allting / Nothing. A EP about disappointment and sadness, but also about finding back to strength again. JËLLY is the first artist on Adam Tensta's newly launched label JÄRN.

Age Range: All ages (13+)