19 Apr 2024
Drop-in Photo

Drop-in Photo

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You are all invited to a drop-in photo session where you can have your portrait taken with and how you want it, at a professional brand new photographic studio and by a professional photographer.
This is the perfect chance to have a new professional portrait for your CV or social media, or to have your picture taken with your best friend, your loving partner, your business partner, your kids or the entire family. You're welcome to come and bring your favourite thing with you as well and have a picture taken with it, whether it's your cat, your dog, a special outfit, a trophy, a diploma, kids may bring their favourite toys. Whatever it is or however it is you ever wanted your picture taken with this is your chance.

This is a drop-in session so first come first served, however if you want to book a specific time, please send a mail to [email protected]m and your chosen time will be fixed.

There will be a professional makeup artist in place to give you those special beauty touches for whoever chooses to have this service.

Wine, snacks and music will be offered.

Come, bring your friends/family/love to mingle and have fun whilst you're having your picture taken looking fabulous with and how you want it!

Price list:
1 photo 200kr
2 photos 380kr
5 photos 780kr
10 photos 1300kr
Make up 100kr. 150kr Make up + removable fake eyelashes.

The photograph includes a slight retouch, you can decid the style of it with the photographer.

You may pay with swish or cash.

Karen Pérez Guzmán
[email protected]m