20 Apr 2024
Dave Matthews Band @ Annexet

Dave Matthews Band @ Annexet

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Dave Matthews Band will be performing on his first European tour since 2015, starting at Zenith in Munich on March 6, 2019.


Dave Matthews Band have sold more than 24 million concert tickets since they started and over 38 million CDs and DVDs. The band's many hit songs include "What Would You Say", "Too Much", "Everyday", "American Baby", "Funny The Way It Is" and "Crash Into Me." This last song can be heard in the Academy Award nominated film Ladybird 2018.

With the release of Come Tomorrow, Dave Matthews Band became the first band in history to have seven studio albums on a row raking No. 1 on Billboard 200. In a Critic's Pick Review in the New York Times, it read "willed optimism fills the songs on 'Come Tomorrow,' while cynicism and irony are nowhere within earshot 'while Rolling Stone said' [Matthews gets] quiet and contemplative, and unusually sweet on songs both lush and 'Black and Blue Bird '). "