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Burning City

Burning City

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07/03/2017 16:00 - 19:00
Dome of Visions, Valhallavägen, Stockholm, Sweden
Address: Dome of Visions, Valhallavägen, Stockholm, Sweden

City and Society - Learnings from the Burning Man Culture

What if there is an idea that has been implemented in San Francisco that could be used on an empty space in Stockholm? What if your organization can learn something from an organization that with almost no central planning organizes 70 000 co-creators in the desert?

You are not invited to sit and listen to a lecture. You are invited to co-create. Therefore, they will send out a playlist of podcasts, talks and documentaries of various interesting projects related to urban development and the Burning Man culture around the world.
You will then be introduced to 10 different spaces around Stockholm that are facing some kind of challenge.

They will invite politicians, Burning Man leaders from around the world, real-estate companies and local community leaders as well as designers and sketch-artists from the local Burning Man community.

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