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Boulebar Rådhuset 4th anniversary

Boulebar Rådhuset 4th anniversary

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24/11/2018 18:00 - 25/11/2018 01:00
Boulebat Rådhuset
Address: Fridhemsgatan 70, 112 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Congratulations Boulebar Rådhuset on your 4th anniversary!


Celebrating 4 years and celebrating it all day.
Filling up their French indoor park with what they like most - French bistro, good drinks & boule.


Throughout the day, the Boulebar Rådhuset team organizes shootings, quick tournaments and exciting competitions. No pre-registration required, just dropping in and participating.

They have also invited their favorite DJs to guide the music to more carreauer and extra French mood.


There is room for young and old, beginners as experienced boule players, the whole family, the dog and everyone you know.
To think about: A heel shoe is also a sports shoe.

LE Boulebrunch, 10.30-15.00
Gather friends and family, lean back and let the French brunch dishes be served at the table.

* Do you want to book a table & boule?
Click on https://www.boulebar.se/online-booking
or ring on 08 - 714 04 20.