24 Jul 2024
Björk @ Globen

Björk @ Globen

Björk Stockholm
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Concepted upon Bjork's most recent album ‘Utopia’, Cornucopia has been heralded as her most ‘elaborate stage concert yet’; the artists first ever production created with a theatrical team and artists. Cornucopia includes digital visuals created by media artist Tobias Gremmler, stage design by Chiara Stephenson, an Icelandic 50-person choir, the flute septet Viibra, a harpist, percussions, electronics and a number of bespoke instruments implemented in the innovative surround sound stage design. Björk herself performs from a custom reverb chamber which mimics how she records her voice. Custom costumes for the cast of Cornucopia were created by Balmain.

Cornucopia debuted as a residency show at NYC’s The Shed, receiving stellar reviews, with Rolling Stone commenting that it was a ‘spectacle of cutting-edge sound and image’.