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Bicycle Flea Market

Bicycle Flea Market

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26/06/2020 10:00 - 16:00
Easy ReCycling
Address: Masmovägen 21c, 143 32 Vårby, Sweden

With almost a thousand used bicycles for sale at reasonable prices.

In view of the social spread of Covid-19, this year's Bicycle Flea Market will take place under slightly more controlled forms than before. See the information below.

- The event is completely outdoors.
- Soap and water will be readily available at several locations in the area.
- Most of all bikes will be ready to run, so finding the right one is quick.
- The number of visitors who may be in the area at the same time will be limited.
- All shall keep a reasonable distance to each other, inside the area and outside the area when queues may form.
- There will be several Bicycle Flea Markets during the year, so if you don't not find anything this time maybe there will be something for you at the next opportunity.
- Risk groups and the ill feeling, stay at home! This applies to visitors as well as their own staff.

In addition, the event welcomes everyone in search of a used bike at a reasonable price! With thousands of bikes in stock and the stock is replenished all the time!

During last year's Bicycle Flea Market, almost 5000 bicycles were sold, so you can safely say that there is something for everyone.

- Classic men's and women's bikes
- Military bicycles
- Racers
- Mountain bikes
- Mini bikes
- Foldable bicycles
- Children's bicycles
- Scooters, etc.

You name it, they have it! Price wise, as usual, they try to keep below the block prices on all bikes. The bargain may, of course, exist if they have made an incorrect assessment of the bicycle's value and discount is given when buying several bicycles at the same time.


Children's bicycles about SEK 400-800: -
"Bicycles that roll" SEK 400-900: -
Very nice bikes in better condition cost about 1000-3500: -

Swish and card payments taken!


Masmovägen 21C, about 5 minutes walk from Masmo metro station.

26/6 10-16
27/6 10-16
28/6 10-15


Red line to the Masmo metro station by metro or bus. Once there take the cycle path to where you are going or to the nearest commuter train station (Flemingsberg) which is 20 minutes away. If the weather is good, it is a really nice bike ride through really nice cultural landscapes. For those driving, it's a stone's throw from Kungens Kurva and directly adjacent to the E4.

There are plenty of parking facilities nearby.