15 Apr 2024
Back to 90’s Pre Valentines Offline Party

Back to 90’s Pre Valentines Offline Party

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Forget about Tinder, go offline and celebrate this year's Valentine with a spectacular party, good drinks, new acquaintances and the occasional flirt.

Come along with your friends to this year's first and unforgettable party evening for Valentines in the theme "Back to the 90's".

This evening will take place at Mr Voon's party floor, with around 150-200 people, an Offlinefest can be likened to a large private party with home feeling! So that you can relive the crazy, fun and colourful 90s for a night.

Whether your first pet was a tamagochi, you had a secret crush on Nick from the Backstreet Boys, sat stuck in front of X-files on TV or have other memorable moments from the 90's, a high nostalgia factor during the evening is guaranteed.

Here you will also get a number of fun ways to break the ice and make you easily start talking to and getting to know a lot of new people in a short time!

Follow the theme of the evening by choosing the outfit to celebrate the return to the 90's. Think how you could have been dressed in school, at the school disco, and so on. Or come dressed as your favourite character from the 90's. Nice prices for the night's best outfit will be given, so let your imagination flow.

* Meet up to 150-200 people in one evening, 50/50 distribution guys and girls.

* Easiest way to meet new people in a short time in Stockholm.

* Mr Voon's banquet hall is booked exclusively for the event.

* Lock & Key Icebreaker - Unlock, match and chance to win great prizes!

* Try the popular Speeddating 90's style!

* Mingle games with 90's nostalgia.

* RawBar skin care brand distributes products that are both vegan and organic - https://www.skinrawbar.com

* Mingle with Dating and Relationship Expertise from Successful Dating Group - https://www.instagram.com/successfuldatinggroup/

* Matchbox - Test their matching concept.

* The event ends with an award ceremony for the evening's best 90's outfits.

Meet people you would never have met otherwise and create unforgettable memories for life.