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Austin Food Works Beer Pong

Austin Food Works Beer Pong

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06/04/2018 18:00 - 23:59
Austin Food Works
Address: Norrtullsgatan 24, 113 45 Stockholm, Sweden

To all the Beer Pongers out there!
Austin Food Works will go at it again, this time with a few new additions to be introduced:
✱ A new playlist that will honor "All the small things". You are more than welcome to put in your suggestions of songs, just follow the link to the event and more instructions will be given.
✱ All participating teams will be visible with "Quarterback stripes"
✱ This is the final time that the Beer Pong will have an open signup. Next time all teams need to sign up prior to playing!


✱Rules are simple, we do 10 red solo cup pyramids in teams of 2.
✱Lobbing and bouncing is permitted.
✱The team that wins goes to the next round.
✱First round lasts 10 minutes.
✱The game will continue until there is an Austin Food Works beer pong master!
✱Judge for the evening will be Simon (as last time)
✱Coors bucket with 5 beers for 200:- (REMEMBEER you need it to play).
✱No need to sign up,just show up with your best teammate,your best confidence and an EPIC team name at 19:00!
✱However, when all the teams have played the first round it won't be possible to join.
✱Prize is also awarded for most EPIC team name!

✱1st prize is a gift card of 500:- to spend at Austin! ✱