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Art Exhibition – Filippa Levemark

Art Exhibition – Filippa Levemark

Art Exhibition - Filippa Levemark
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27/02/2020 12:00 - 20:00
JUSTE Gallery
Address: Heleneborgsgatan 14, 117 32 Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to the opening of "A Tribute to White Owl"
This is an art exhibition where Filippa Levemark will show paintings depicting the beautiful relationship she have with the White Owl. (Story below)

There will be 20 free art prints to give away: first come first serve, valued at €100/each.
Everyone gets one free post card.
Have a drink with the artist who will be there both days.
Do invite owl & art-loving friends!


Filippa Levemark's Story of the White Owl:
I started to paint a lot of birds back in 2013. I fell in love with a lot of different kinds of birds in the process of painting them, however I was drawn to owls a lot. I painted a self portrait with an owl the first time in 2014. I could not let go of how much I loved painting specially the Barn owl. I painted more and more Barn owls just loving the animal. I started to feel very connected to the owl and started to see myself as an owl, you know, if I were an animal 🙂

In 2018 I went to Burning Man in US and attended a shamanic workshop. In the workshop we journeyed to the animal realms with shamanic drumming and guidance. I teamed up with a girl and we were supposed to journey to find each others power animal in the spirit realm. She journeyed for me and I for her.

When it was her turn to journey for my sake, she immediately found the animal in the realm, took it to her heart (energetically) and transferred the spirit into my heart. I could feel wings beating in my heart as she did so. Later when sharing the experience she told me she had seen the White Owl directly as she started the journey in the realm. I could not believe what she said! She said it was a white owl with somewhat of a golden head.

I started to cry, shiver and shake: I was very touched by this experience. She validated the relationship I already had with the Owl, and out of every animal and even every owl, an even every white owl: she saw the Barn Owl without knowing me or my story or my art. I explained to her that I have been painting the White Owl for a long time and I showed her the first portrait with a Barn Owl that I made. She said: yes, thats the one! Thats it the owl that I saw.

Wether you believe in the spirits of the animals or not: I feel very connected to this bird and I believe it has given me permission to paint it! Welcome to the Show 🙂