24 Jul 2024
810Tiki Rooftop bar at Haymarket

810Tiki Rooftop bar at Haymarket

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This summer, award-winning Americain host a pop-up bar in the famous suite 810 in Haymarket by Scandic.

A 100 sq m large exclusive bar on a rooftop terrace overseeing Stockholm.

The theme goes hand in hand with Americain, a Caribbean tavern, complete with cigars, cocktails, and food. Sometimes they throw a bbq, sometimes they have Cuban sandwiches. Sometimes there's a guest bartender, sometimes they have some sponsors – but it’s always a party.


-The bar is open 17-22.
-Write on the wall of the event the date you'd like to attend, how many people and what time and you'll get a confirmation back.
-If you get a feeling and wanna stop by without a reservation, you can ask Americain for 810Tiki and they'll check availability.
-Front desk will hand you a key to the room

Open the whole summer on the following dates:

July :