15 Jul 2024
Loppisar: Stockholm’s Second-hand Markets
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Loppisar: Stockholm’s Second-hand Markets

The summer flea-market season is upon us with outdoor markets re-opening across the city. Whether you’re looking for a place to tout some of your castoffs or searching for a good bargain on some vintage treasures, visiting one of Stockholm’s many loppisar is the best way!

One of the biggest flea markets in Stockholm and perhaps in Sweden is called Loppmarknaden (The Flea Market in English). It is a permanent type indoor flea market, located in Vårberg. It is an ongoing flea market and is open 7 days a week, between 11 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday, and is several thousand square meters in size.

Another good ongoing flea market, takes place on Sundays at Hötorget; there are a variety of vendors, selling items from fresh produce to small trinkets and clothing. It is great place to get a bargain.

Don’t miss the Vintage Market at Bruno Galleria, off Götgatan on Sundays between 12 and 5pm! Those in the know say that it is a MUST if you are in to the second-hand scene!

From the end of May to the beginning of October, a car-boot sale takes place in the parking lot outside Stockholm’s horse racing tracks Täby Galopp on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 4pm. Aficionados of the Täby Galopp Drive-in Loppis say there is no better place to get a good bargain!

However, there are also a variety of flea markets, both indoor and outdoor, that occasionally pop up around Stockholm. 

To find different flea markets around Stockholm and all around Sweden, check out this site.  Just plug in whatever area you are looking for, if you want to see if there is a flea market in your area at the time. There is also another great site showing a calendar of upcoming and ongoing flea markets and even several drive-in flea markets,

You can also check out this resource for more upcoming flea markets.

Our expert vintage visionaries tell us to: 

  • Get there early to get first pick of the best wears.
  • Don’t be afraid to barter.
  • Bring cash and your own shopping bags, most tables will not have bags for you.
  • There are usually big crowds, so be prepared.
  • If you are planning on setting up a table, reserve a spot in advance. Most flea markets will have a phone number or website where you can do so. Usually you are required to pay a moderate fee for a spot.


Stil feel out of your comfort zone? Never fear, there is help at hand!

If you want to learn how to pick out a real bargain (and feel comfortable enough in your Swedish) Stockholmsmarknader arranged weekend courses in how to pick out the gems from the tat last year and it may well be worth enquiring what’s on this year.

For those that want to make a holiday out of it, Loppissafari might be just the ticket. Three hours drive from Stockholm guests are treated to a guided tour of the nearby markets: a total of 2-3 days of loppis-shopping and a stay in a traditional Swedish cottage to boot.


Happy hunting!


Featured Image: Pelle Sten/Flickr (file)


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