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South African Freedom Day in Stockholm: 27th April
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South African Freedom Day in Stockholm: 27th April

On 27th April 1994, something wonderful happened in South Africa: the first post-apartheid elections. It’s been commemorated as a national holiday ever since and can even be celebrated right here in Stockholm


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Universal suffrage at South African elections was a milestone in global history. The election was conducted under the direction of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and millions queued in lines over a three-day voting period. Over 19 million votes were counted, placing Nelson Mandela as the leader of this beautiful fertile country.

The day is marked indelibly into the nation’s psyche, where heroes and heroines from all walks of life in South Africa are remembered for their sacrifices to ensure freedom. It is a day to reflect and celebrate the journey that was travelled and is now marked in the nation’s calendar. The holiday also pays homage to South Africa’s unique and remarkably detailed and inclusive constitution – including a Bill of Rights that is second to none. The document is widely recognised as one of the most developed charters in the world, and guarantees all those within South African borders the freedom from the hatred and oppression that ruled the past.


Celebrating Freedom Day in Stockholm with SASS (The South Africa Society in Sweden)

South Africa

SASS in Collaboration with KWAAI – South Africa Sweden Hiphop Exchange presents our 19th Freedom Day Celebration! KWAAI have worked with artists from the DIY Hiphop scene in Khayelitsha, Driemanskap in Gugulethu, the Suburban crew on Long and Kloof streets through to Alexandra Township and the slick streets of Jozi. Big tings are expected from their forthcoming album featuring high profile artists from these scenes. KWAAI tours Sweden in Summer 2013 with the South African Crew. This exchange dug deep into spaces where Hiphop has always thrived in South Africa – spaces where people struggle but dare to speak up. This event will take the form of an interactive presentation and hopes to get people talking or at least thinking about talking.

The South African Ambassador will join us for this event and you are very welcome to attend.

Information about SASS and who we are can be found on www.southafricasweden.se. SASS is made up of volunteers who work towards making expats feel like the group is their home away from home. Upcoming events include wine tastings and an annual potjie competition. You can become a member by attending our meetings or by contacting a board member. The membership fee is 150 kr, and family membership 250 kr a year, payable to Plusgiro 430 06 34-5.


Celebrate at home using South African Food Resources

Want to celebrate Freedom Day at home, but don’t have a potjie? Need to get your mitts on some Mrs Balls Chutney? Here are some places where you can get a taste of South Africa right here in Sweden:-

Jabula: South African online store based in Ireland – delivers to Sweden

Taste of Africa: Handicrafts, food products and even a South African café, based in Sweden

Taylors & Jones: The sausage barons of Sweden do a nifty boerewors

Catering Allt: Catering company run by Robert Melin and his South African wife, Sandee. They offer a wide variety of menus, including an African-themed one



Photos and event information reproduced with much gratitude from the The South Africa Society in Sweden.

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