25 May 2024
KVADRART – Scandinavia’s Largest Street Art Exhibition
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KVADRART – Scandinavia’s Largest Street Art Exhibition

We had the opportunity to be at the opening of a fantastic collection of street art, where about 100 artist from Sweden, Italy, France Russia and the Netherlands contributed with paintings and sculptures.

Some of the pieces hanging at KvadrArt come as an explosion of colour to remind us how this free manifestation of art can be an influx of impressions to our senses, as well as grounds for reflection. Graffiti and street art are also almost alone among the visual arts, in confronting systems and ideologies with criticism of different types – sometimes sarcastic, sometimes ironic, sometimes bold – and still being able to come out victorious.

Jimmie Hall, owner of Wallery the gallery behind KvadrArt‘s concept, was in charge of giving the opening speech and cutting the inaugural red ribbon. He expressed his pride in seeing so many people gathering to admire the artworks, some of them already sold by the time of the opening. Hall talked about the huge commitment he feels for supporting street art, specially “since the media has been attacking and giving a bad name to this art form”.

Street art, when well executed, can be outstanding and inspiring. Many times the public and the media are just exposed to graffiti in its polluting form, the kind that stains our city walls with scribbles. This is definitely not what KvadrArt is here to push forward. At this exhibition, you’ll find the art form in its best execution.

Have a look at some of the best moments from the opening night of KvadrArt:

The exhibition will be open during the period of March 17th – 26th, at Regeringsgatan 42. Next to the entrance to NK (Nordiska Kompaniet).
Make sure you catch it!

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 12-8
Saturday 12-6
Sunday 12-5

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