25 Jul 2024
Julgransplundring: Rocking around the Christmas tree
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Julgransplundring: Rocking around the Christmas tree

If you think taking down Christmas decorations is a downer – it’s time you discovered the Swedish way of dancing out the season;  with songs, games and goodies taken from the tree.

Julgransplundring means, roughly, Christmas tree plundering; it is accompanied by another crime: that of (gingerbread) house-breaking. These beautiful creations are smashed and eaten whilst the tree and all its decorations are disposed of (the empty tree was actually thrown out of the window in olden times). Although it’s a private affair for every household with a tree, there are many public areas in Stockholm with beautiful julgranar waiting to be plundrade with all the attendant fun and games, including visits from Tomte! Check out our list below:

1. Nordic Museum: Sunday, 12 January 2014/15.00 – 17.00

Come and dance out Christmas in the Nordic Museum’s Great Hall with traditional singing, playing, dancing and story telling. A candy bag for all the children will be given out by Tomten before it’s time to go home.

Address: Nordiska museet, Djurgårdsvägen 6-16, 115 93 Stockholm

Price: Adults: 120 SEK (incl. coffee / tea / juice and buns), Children 2-12 years: 60 SEK (incl. juice & bun and bag)

2. Skansen: 6 January 2014/12.00-15.00

Dancing around the Christmas tree, fiskdamm, cotton candy and face painting. The grill will be lit (please bring your own sausages or buy locally), there will be pony rides and there’s so much to enjoy here as we get yet another opportunity to dance Christmas out!

Address: Bollnästorget, Skansen, Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 115 21 Stockholm

Price: Adults: 120SEK, Children (6-15): 60SEK, Under 6s: free

3. Alfons Åberg: City Museum, Saturday, 5 January 2014/13.00-15.00

Dance round the tree with perennial children’s favourite Alfons Åberg and take the fantastic opportunity to learn more about him at the fabulous 40th anniversary exhibition. The exhibition ends 6 January so don’t miss out!

Address: StadsmuseetPeter Myndes backe 3, 116 46 Stockholm


Admission to Museum: Over 20s: 100SEK for an annual pass, Under 20s: free.

Julgransplundring: 40 SEK per person

4. Kungsträdgården: Sunday, 12 January 2014/14.00-15.00

Head down to Stockholm’s fabulous King’s garden in the middle of the city and celebrate the end of the holiday season with with Lisa and Markus. Fiskdam for all children.

Address: Kungsträdgården, 111 47 Stockholm

Price: Free Entry

5. Transport Museum: Sunday, 13 January 2014/14.00-15.30

It’s time for the museum’s annual julgransplundring! There will be dancing and games to the accompaniment of accordion music and a fiskdamm, where there are some nice ‘fish’ waiting to bite.

Address: Spårvägsmuseet, Tegelviksgatan 22, 116 41 Stockholm

Price: Adults: 40 SEK, Children over 7: 20 SEK, Under 7s: free

6. Torekällberget: Södertälje, Sunday 13 January/13.00

A little off the beaten track for Stockholmers but Södertälje is not a bad place to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family. If you live locally throw out your Christmas tree here, then join in the dancing at Museum Square before hopping on a pony for a ride. Address: Torekällberget, Södertälje, Söderort

Price: Free Entry

7. Vallentuna Kulturhus: Saturday, 11 January 2014/11.00

We dance this Christmas out with traditional music and dancing games together with Vallentuna Folk Dance Society.

Address: Kulturrummet, Vallentuna Kulturhus, Allévägen 1, Vallentuna

Price: Free Entry

8. Ulriksdals Slott: Saturday and Sunday, 4&5 January 2014/12.00

With the theme “Christmas with Karl XV”, children can participate in a treasure hunt, dance around the tree, and receive candy cones from the Christmas goat, all in the shadow of this wonderful castle.

Address: Slottsallén, Ulriksdal, Solna

Price: Adults: 100 SEK (incl. coffee); children: 150 SEK (incl. hot chocolate, cake, candy cone). Book in advance.


If you know where a good julgransplundring is to be had and it’s not already on the list, please comment below to let everyone know!

Photo Credit: The Croft

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