12 Jul 2024
Dan and Dee Launch a Trail Racing Event in Stockholm
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Dan and Dee Launch a Trail Racing Event in Stockholm

Australian Stockholmers Dan Paech and Dee Forker are launching what they plan to be a series of running events under the name of Stockholm Trail Racing. The first race will take place on September 6th at Hellasgården.

Dan Paech is the man behind Run With Me Stockholm, who organise guided tours where tourists can hook up with locals and see the sights running around town. They also arrange different running events and social running meet-ups.

Dee Forker runs the Conscious Health Studio, which focuses on fitness and well-being, offering different treatments such as acupuncture and massage.

Dan and Dee have now joined forces to start the Stockholm Trail Racing series, through which they intend to offer a series of affordable, timed races in beautiful forest locations around Stockholm.

“Clearly there is a large market for running events in Stockholm, with tens of thousands of people participating in events such as the Stockholm Marathon and Midnattsloppet, but we feel there could be more intimate, social, and affordable races available.” says Dan Paech.

The first event, named Race Around Hellasgården,  will be a beautiful but challenging 5 km trail run around the Källtorpsjön lake in Nacka. The runners will make their way around the lake, and at the end will be greeted with food and refreshments. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to swim, bathe in the sauna and eat lunch together afterwards, with a lot of emphasis placed on enjoying the beautiful surroundings after the run.

“With Race Around Hellasgården we wanted to create an event with more of a community feel, where people could run the race and then socialise afterwards”, Dan says.

The Race Around Hellasgården will be held on September 6th at 11 o’clock. For more information about the race, and to register, see: https://billetto.se/en/events/race-around-hellasgaarden

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