18 Jul 2024
Celebrating Halloween In Stockholm
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Celebrating Halloween In Stockholm

The Celtic festival of Halloween has only really been celebrated in Stockholm since the 1990s, but it has swiftly caught on amongst families and friends. For younger children, the date signifies the much anticipated school break, and is also a very welcome diversion as the nights draw in and the country gets darker. Although Halloween isn’t as popular in Sweden as it is in America, you will still see plenty of scary costumes, and many people have parties or go trick-or-treating. In Stockholm, there are lots of ways that Halloween is celebrated, so put on your witch’s hat and join in on the fun, and don’t forget to leave a jack-o-lantern on your doorstep. 


Shockholm Festival and Parade 

Shockholm is the largest Halloween festival in Europe, and this year it takes place for the 11th time on 6th of November in Kungsträdgården. One of the highlights of Shockholm is the costume competition, with categories for all age groups including babies, and the entrants really make a considerable effort to win prizes. There is even a special costume category for dogs. The parade itself winds through several areas of Stockholm, and you can experience plenty of dancing, live music, and some very creepy zombies. So make sure that you look out for the undead!


Family parties and trick-or-treating

Family Halloween parties have become increasingly popular in Stockholm, with friends and relatives gathering for a little trick-or-treating first. The children will be given sweets or small toys for their Halloween baskets. Fun, mini toys are popular this year, like Baby Yoda, as seen on the Mandalorian show. Fidget and pop toys are also popular for the little ones – anything to keep them entertained and busy. At family Halloween parties, there will be some sweet treats and party food, and it is common to play games, like apple bobbing.

Spooky Stockholm 

Many of the bars and clubs in Stockholm host Halloween themed events in the last week of October, some even inviting customers to enjoy some good times in fancy dress. You could also take part in a Stockholm Ghost Walk (tour starts: Järntorget 84), in which you can get to know about some of the spookiest spirits that inhabit Stockholm’s oldest district, Gamla Stan, where the “Stockholm Bloodbath” took place in 1520. The Halloween Tour is particularly atmospheric, and you can hear stories of ghosts, murders, myths, assassinations and executions. Considering that the city of Stockholm dates back to 1252, there are plenty of terrifying tales. You could even combine your Stockholm ghost walk with some wine tasting in the Riddarholmen Church, which was once a monastery, and now reportedly haunted by monks.

Stockholm has more than its fair share of ghosts haunting the streets. This Halloween, get out into the city and enjoy the amazing spooky festivities with your family and friends.

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