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The best kanelbullar in Stockholm and where to find them
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The best kanelbullar in Stockholm and where to find them

17. Le Violon Dingue

Olof Palmes Gata 12


We liked the sponginess of this bun and its fair cinnamon flavour. It tastes a little bit too much butter and of cardamon. The inside is a bit dry. From our point of view it had a sour aftertaste, we don’t really know why. We had to try this kannelbulle because it was very much recommended and Le Violon Dingue is famous for their baking, but it did not fulfil our expectations.

Le Violon Dingue

16. Bröd och Salt

Several locations in Stockholm: Tullhus 3, Skeppsbron / Hammarby Allé 66 A, Renstiernas gata 23, Rådmansgatan 43, MOOD (to mention some)


We were surprised by the tastiness of this very sweet bulle, since Bröd och Salt is a big chain with different cafés around Stockholm. You can notice that at every location, they take good care of their ingredients and their baking is spot on. The bun is soft and a dab spongy, strong on honey and not too overwhelming in the cinnamon flavours. We thought the consistency of the dough was particularly interesting. It is not too stuffy but sort of light and a bit moist. Their branches are nice, cool places to sit and perhaps enjoy a fika while working a bit on your computer. Good to know, their Skeppsbron and MOOD locations are open until 8pm, for those late evening kanelbulle cravings.


15. Café Saturnus

Eriksbergsgatan 6


When we heard that Saturnus had the biggest kannelbullar in Stockholm, we thought, right, this is a must see. But what we found when we got to this little and cozy French hideaway deep in Östermalm, was nothing like we had anticipated us. They were larger than the size of a hand! They were not kidding. The taste of the bun is super sweet with thick batter and a mild overall flavour of cinnamon.


14. Älskade Traditioner

Södermannagatan 42-46

So let’s start by saying that this bun has a very funky look, messy in a way, though we like it, it’s original. The outer layer has been hardened during the baking process, making it like a biscuit which feels nice to the bite in contrast with its spongy centre. The cinnamon concentrated in some of its parts adds a sandy texture, which is not a bad thing. The flavour is pleasant, very sweet and with lots of spicy cinnamon.


13. Chokladkoppen

Stortorget 18


This is another oversized bun. One of the sweetest we had, since it has honey all around plus nib sugar and caster sugar sprinkled on top. It has a strong cinnamon flavour and a moist, almost juicy inside. They serve it with tiny bits of orange and the bun itself has a touch of citrus in its core, which is a clever idea, since the tanginess of the orange and the spiciness of the cinnamon go well together.


12. Åsö Konditori & Bageri

Åsögatan 102


Here you’ll find a kanelbulle that ticks all the right boxes, though in a conservative way. Its looks are not so towering, its cinnamon flavour is not too overwhelming, its dough has a strong butter flavour. The centre is very creamy and the bun is spongy all around.


11. Sativa 

Stora Nygatan 6


A vegan kanelbulle, the only one on our list. It is so rich and delicious, that it makes you wonder if baking actually needs all that butter and milk. This bun is in a way a little bit like a pastry that reminded us of a millefeuille, with the outer corners of it kind of crispy and thin, but as you go on towards the centre, it becomes thicker, softer and moist. It has a lot of cinnamon which makes it spicy and it’s the only one we tried with glaze on top, which gives it a super sweet finish.


10. Tössebageriet

Karlavägen 77

30kr eat in

28kr take away

Tössebageriet is a classic Swedish bakery, they have been behind the confection of both Crown Princess Victoria’s and Prince Carl Philip’s wedding cakes. The question than popped into our minds when we found out these facts, was how do the royal baker’s kanelbullar taste like? This is what we perceived: the buns have a compact consistency and concentrated cinnamon and butter flavours though not too strong, just the right amount. The quality of the dough is very special in this one, it has added cardamom, which renders it more delicious.


9. Petit France

John Ericssonsgatan 6


A very traditional kanelbulle, a very tasty and soft dough with a little bit of cardamom, honey and butter flavours at its best. Cinnamon is not so overwhelming in this bun. It’s size and looks are just perfect. We could eat it everyday and never get tired of it, especially sitting in the cozy atmosphere of this little French corner café, or if it’s a nice day, enjoying its outdoor sitting area.

Petite France

8. Vurma

Gästrikegatan 3


Tastes like your grandma’s home-baked kanelbullar must taste. It’s juicy, buttery and nothing pretentious at all, just like it should be, kept simple. I should also mention that the staff at Vurma is so polite, the staff at every café in Stockholm should be this kind. They even warmed my cinnamon bun in the oven, before putting it on a plate and bringing it to the table, yummy!

Kanell Vurmaweb

7. Petrus Bageri

Swedenborgsgatan 4B


What a tasty bun do we have here, the dough is delicious and abundant in butter and honey flavours, with some almost unnoticeable cardamom. It did surprise us though, that the cinnamon flavours were also very much disguised with the honey in it. The sprinkled almond flakes on top also give it a special touch. The honey on top and the way the dough is wrapped around itself makes the outside layer kind of crispy.


6. K-märkt

Ringen Centrum, Skanstull


This little corner inside the newly refurbished Ringen food court, now called Teatern, offers the sweet creations of celebrated bakery master Daniel Roos. The buns we found here are the modern representation of the kanelbulle. What Daniel Roos has done to twist the traditional recipe, is that he has made the dough wrapping strips thinner and created little bundles in which the centre is like soft sponge layers with crispy outer layers. Little bits of almond have been sprinkled on top, and these blend very well with the concentrated and strong cinnamon and cardamom flavours. If you love the traditional kanelbulle, you should definitely give K-märkt’s refreshed version a try.


5. Gunnarsons

Götgatan 92


This is a bun that lacks nothing and has everything, done in the most traditional way: with mouth-filling cinnamon flavour, a little bit of cardamom and nib sugar. The dough is spongy and savoury with butter, which gives it also the right moisture. Its size is perfect and once you’ve eaten it, you want to have one more… honestly it’s addictive! We have to admit it’s one of our favourites. You can choose to buy your bun to take away or eat it in, sitting in a cozy environment in the two-floor café, or if it’s nice day, they do also have outdoor sitting.



4. Café Pascal

Norrtullsgatan 4 / Skånegatan 76


Here we have a very spongy bun, the dough has a very nice moist consistency. A beautiful kanelbulle outside and inside as the flavour is delicious beyond comparison. Not overly sweet, just the right amount of the sweetening ingredients and cinnamon. A total delight from the first bite and all the way until the end when all you want to do is have one more!
Let’s also mention that the atmosphere at Café Pascal is very pleasant and chill, a beautiful yet simple cafe hosted by friendly staff. Outdoor sitting option is available at their Södermalm branch. During summer time when Skånegatan becomes a pedestrian street, Café Pascal expands their outdoor area even larger on the street. By the way, don’t forget to try their lattes, an extra treat to enjoy together with your kanelbulle!



3. Bakery & Spice

Torsgatan 46


In order to describe this bun’s flavour, I would have to say that it has a very rounded and balanced layered taste, with perfect amounts of all the right things,: butter, sweetness, cinnamon and even a hint of vanilla. It’s crispy on the outside, perhaps enhanced by the whole almonds on its surface, which provide more flavour than almond bits and inside it’s all perfectly spongy.

And perhaps you should know that Bakery & Spice’s own baker Isabelle Lundin won the Young Bakers Award in 2016. Make sure you get there quite early, if you want to get yourself a cinnamon bun, because they sell out fast every day.

Bakery & Spice

2. Lillebrors Bageri

Rörstrandsgatan 12


Now this is definitely the best kanelbulle in town. Lillebrors has created a bun that is perfect on many levels. The dough is soft and moist, almost creamy in its core, with an amazing taste of butter, discrete cardamom, a perfect amount of cinnamon and sweetness. The almond flakes sprinkled on top round the flavour together with the honey and sugar. Also its size and looks are just as appealing. Describing the flavour of this kanelbulle in words is quite hard. It’s nothing less than absolutely delicious, it fills your mouth with delight. Lillebrors, we don’t know how you do it, but you’re doing it great… So keep doing it!

lillebror bageri

1. Mr. Cake

Rådmansgatan 12 A


Mr. Cake’s super kanelbulle is the ultimate champion in flavour for our 2018 Kanelbulle Day challenge. This bun was close to perfection with its thin strands of tightly knitted dough. It achieves an optimal point of crispy, slightly caramelised top, almost toasted without being burnt, and spongy on the inside. It finds itself in perfect balance between cinnamon and sugar, daring to add a bit more cinnamon than other buns we have tried and succeeding with a perfect 10 out of 10. You will also taste a bit of butter and almond in them. A total feast! We should also mention that Mr. Cake is quite a trendy place for being a bakery, which we liked a lot. Students, families and other Mr. Cake fans alike can feel themselves at home in this cool and spacious bakery/restaurant.

So now that you know where the best cinnamon buns in town are waiting for you, don’t fall for the temptation of local supermarket’s kanelbullar like these. Yeah ,they might be cheap, but look as little appealing as these and they’re by the way mass-produced with environmentally unfriendly palm oil.



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