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Living the City video: Stockholm’s Top 5 Views

There’s no doubt Stockholm is a fantastic city, but have you seen it from above?

Like in every Living the City video episode, we choose a particular aspect of Stockholm and explore it deeper to tell what is the best of the best you should not miss and must definitely enjoy!

This time, we have visited all of Stockholm’s hottest viewpoints, rooftops and terraces and we have dedicatedly picked the top 5 places in the city, where we love to enjoy breathtaking views, having a picnic or dinner, or sipping a cocktail as the sun goes down. Whatever you do, you’ll fall in love with Stockholm’s beauty all over again.

So watch the video and decide which is your next high-level destination!!

And if you want to see the entire list with 15 rooftops and terraces we visited and reviewed, go to our article: The High Life – Stockholm’s best views and rooftops

The High Life – Stockholm’s best views and rooftops

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